Trick taking good pussy cat Cafe

Even people who do not keep the cat
Feel your continued support and the cat is a cat Cafe.
That, and feral cats taking away, you can Indoors, so taking early cat moves to clean a little difficult at first. So when a little trick to entertain soot.

Taking notes

Flash photography is prohibited basically taking a cat Cafe. And do Flash because cat is surprised, let’s set Flash ban without fail.

Practicing in the cat is sleeping

So, cat sleep shifting Will be easier to take cat composition and camera settings.
  Cat background color into overall your toy back as
  Cat-CHAN would become 引き立たなく.
  From the angle it up, and various things easily into the background and take
The gas tends to be a photo collection.
  -Try changing the white balance ( WB )
  If you shoot, SLR, please try.
  Let’s change the setting by interior lighting.
  Such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent light mode, staple, as room modes Lighting using basically the same thing to get closer to the actual appearance.
However, dare to reverse awash in photovoltaic mode, use indoors,
  You can also change color to the artistic atmosphere. Try different colors.

Playing with cats is happening

And now, take a picture of a cat is happening, even non-existent overwarning eyes
Cat is gone somewhere, but basically doesn’t suit the convenience of the human.
And especially, give SLR lens suddenly from ever feeling It is often does not come much closer.
This person’s safety so easy-to-wary cats, who basically come closer, And more, in which who also posed for good in front of his.
It is without hovering their calm, Are tricks you can play at the time it wants care solve the guard soon.
So then, can observe behavior, such as how to move the cat’s face in playing together You can know when momentarily stops moving.

Try take a cat going

When taking the cat moving see myself doing is doing.
-Measuring shutter timing in the anti-press
  First shake it momentarily stops movement of cats, less pressing the shutter,
  Gonna take clear pictures. 見計らいましょう timing of anti-press shutter to keep your focus, stop motion.
-To the shutter speed faster
  If it just moves too fast, let’s take a shutter speed priority. You can adjust the shutter speed SLR written and Tv mode.
Incorporate = to faster shutter speed shutter closed is faster, however,
  Because law becoming less light-dark photograph,, try taking in darker places
  Turn the lens light adjusting exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity, originally incorporated light lot, Adjustment is necessary.


Out to shoot a cat camera several times, I would have surely had his will to found! Try good luck while you enjoy!


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