How to enjoy the Pocky & pretz, [11/11]

The said Pocky & pretz, 11/11 is This year 11/11/2011 and six hit one once in 100 years of happy, yeah.
Introducing the enjoy such Pocky, a little information.

Pocky’s day origin

Food manufacturer Ezaki glico is enacted in 1999 (0/1999), the Japan Memorial, Association certification.
Origin of the ordering company product Pocky, pretz and form of “1”, similar to 11/11/1999 Is “1” was a simpleton, along with six bodies it is.

Enjoy the Pocky website

To commemorate the site of Pocky “Pocky Street” Pocky, games and events packed is featured.
Collaboration special site “Pocky” and THE BAWDIES
 Just as well as watching THE BAWDIES new single “RED ROCKET SHIP” PV
 Rotate 360 ° on your own is rebuilt in perspective!
 Well as PV will go in real time, operation a little quite interesting because it!
 There are some quizzes related to Pocky.

-Move the Pocky makes paintings, such as “ポッキーボード”

Pocky-related events There is one song of Pocky.

Pocky game

The wonders of Pocky

At the bottom of the box of Pocky, heart-shaped notch was like that?
Against the threats that put the poison in a box “glico-Morinaga case” apparently originated in 1984, it is Is coming from.
Or if hoax, drilled at the bottom, it understood that is part of the Hart and mark.


So, enjoy a personal Please tell me any other way to enjoy the Pocky!


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