[Gardening] raising Primula winter

Winter flower, or why raising Primula will add?


  1. And planting way
    Soil drains of a good thing! Tane intersperses do 5-6 months. After germination planted in plastic pots and once as 越します summer in a cool place.
    From late September safely though the summer, do grown seedling pots and garden relocated. Sunny location would be good is the location of the plant.
    Firmly and keep growing. Water that never gets topsoil as dry watering is to some degree. Not overdo the water caused root rot.
  2. And to raise It when grown from seed, not grown in the greenhouse, as has very strong cold resistant.
    You don’t need to shave especially cold protection. If you purchased a seedling from the winter often raised in a greenhouse, susceptible to the cold.
    When the seedlings grow temperatures so be careful! From flowers about the water you must manage the spear firmly. Let’s make topsoil is dry and give water. Water take leaves and flowers, so please give gently Nemoto,.
    Take water and may to get sick. Also note there is hot and humid, and topsoil is wet to do water to root rot.
  3. -Pest notes
    You should be aware such as root rot or gray mold disease.
    Avoid root rot, then do make sure dry condition of soil and water.
    So unbiased grey mold disease water leaves or flowers to prevent, it is okay if you water the root. Things such as aphids and spider mites are pests. As soon as found, let’s exterminate insecticide.


Slightly Primula polyantha facing flowerbeds and small varieties of Primula has two types, lends itself to potted plants, such as Primula, Julian.
Purchase purposes. Is a lovely flower will add to the winter. By all means see brought.


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