[Parenting] also prejudicing mobile child care?

Children tease phones also more recently mobile phones has become familiar, you might have. But what is it really safe?

I think or to effectuate mobile phone child is difficult. It’s outrageous charges were charged even if the phone itself can also expensive games on the Internet is often came to claim it. In the mobile game SNS news dating damage it.
Okay, not should not effectuate mobile phone child? Making GPS, where children are 分かったり, considering the features for security not being made, reflections and informative and it has.
Phone is rather bad, after all is only one tool. Side to use properly use is very useful, if you abuse it becomes a mass of evil.
But not to have children that when in doubt?
I know that it is different.
It is an important teaching to utilize it properly. It is important to also give properly manage the first course I teach not only. And I’ll tell the bad good.


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