[Machu Picchu Oriental] and made popular by another child copper mine ruins

Besshi dig Sumitomo Group were out copper once niihama, Ehime Prefecture (Niihama), the ruins remain today.

Here is heavily leaving remnants endure the operation at the time of prosperity, was known as the sights from the previously hidden. From it known as the Oriental [Machu Picchu] recently and is ever popular. Machu Picchu Inca Empire once. The location is reminiscent of the it landscape. It is the other child copper mine ruins.
Sumitomo Group kept copper mine for about 300 years in the mountains of another child is industrial ruins. Evocative has near 4,000 people worked, was the only buildings House track was built and remained after attaching the steep slopes of the mountain, people leave with abandoned working and at the time. Yamanaka people vanished suddenly and megalopolis. Is reason exactly called Oriental Machu Picchu.
First visit there in dropping by road station “by Mint pea child”. After visiting here driving distances in addition 1 lane trail lights location of Dongping . It is remains scattered in the eponymous region.
Should be overwhelmed by ropeway field (collecting copper was mined here to removal location) tracking, savings ore mark long stair was old incline (where the machinery carrying supplies was established), a huge stone masonry and mill number. Also put the chopsticks is not seen at the entrance of the mine (tunnels) as well.


Is where the heart is moved as thinks and what are the workings of the human. Note that’s two.

Because middle roadway, and has long stairs local narrow, out going.
Another Mint pea child??


• Access map http://www.besshi.com/map.html

[another Mint pea child googleMap = name] Ehime prefectural niihama city River town 707-3 [/googleMap]


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