In parenting tips

Provides tips for raising a little.

Trouble with those who have admonished confided a lot of children.

Especially, many parenting troubles may when it was small, children.
I think and is busy parenting, making time even a little,
 Other people have been raising and admonished confided troubles.
You can learn and be rid of worries, others are suffering from,
Noticing that it is worried about themselves, You can continue raising undeterred.

School events, I’ll participate as much as possible.

Observe children’s classes, athletic and literary events,
Parents, we’ll join as possible.
To show up not seeing children normally do Will be further pledged that feeling.

When events, home party!

Home party!
Decorate Christmas tree along with children from a few days ago, when Christmas, in Origami circle getting or making many connected, a kagamimochi ceiling
 Make decorations. Given, making dinner, homemade increases the annual children’s fun day.

As together we’ll play.

In particular, 遊ばせないで children alone as small when,
 Time when playing together here.
Good at communicating with people and make many friends. Leads to.

Let’s not children alone as much as possible in the House.

No more need of children’s home, and incomes have especially
 As together we’ll have House.
Mischief, and the children alone, becomes the accident
 It is 無きにしも非ず. Also lead children tend to be isolated and alone it will miss.


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