[Parenting] tricks to remember the children room tidied

Tidy toys cluttered room kid yourself that is a trick to remember for.

STEP 1: determine the clear range and most of the time

It tries to, clean room at the same time some adults still think is the anaerobic. It even more so for children. For example, as much as possible precisely specify before on your desk or Bookshelf,.
At the same time, let’s times or clear roughly how long long. Children are not concentrated at most 30 minutes long. For the first time you start from about 15 minutes is acceptable. Tidied up, is suffering terribly from me doing from. It is important to specify the end time in the long range.

STEP 2: go bin separately

Because cardboard candy box even care, have three large boxes. One is absolutely not to be dismissed. Second is now unsure.
Try doing what I think and I throw first, soon also. Bin there, started the timer was set to a predetermined time!
Let rule from here, the children completely. Individual, I think only if you are downloading to place all that very finishes in time, divided into three relatively quickly. Moreover, possible to concentrate on that, without a doubt work progresses.

STEP 3: get bin contents

Clean up after one out of the box. This work, be done in time.
And my husband we’ll do together. When clearing the small stuff but to decide to place as much as possible to. “I spent going from here, make sure that here let’s. “And while clears.
2 Boxes, without personal motivation, keep them intact. And shall not require only a few days, there would, after all just want to keep! Would also have and.
3 The dumpster is trash so is also nice and dumped into look in the eyes of parents are surprisingly 宝もの to or asleep, sure shot, you don’t need trash bin.


Don’t forget to also compliments spree compliments when you have finished tidying the compliment anyway. Enjoying sorting game, hope and compliment your husband will surely also think that spits out to tidy the.


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