Tips to help find the luggage after the move

For luggage missing after moving to prevent what is

Combine bin than category per location

It is done by opening the kitchen, children’s room, and toilet rooms. And also we 仕分けて such as cupboards, cabinets, sink down in.
When packing can often be easier to organize and put on such a specific location. The “kitchen, cupboard” specifically. Which do not clearly remember “undecided kitchen,” even.

Make a list

It is at now need is stationary and the finer things moved to the new home, often immediately ejects, missing.
From box should have some same or clearly write number magic, let’s create a handwritten list while stuffing things in. The rough is only nice knowing.

Tidy with digital camera

Before packing, in bookshelf and cupboard, closet is useful if you keep taking photos. Time consuming and messy to become all clean tidy the original. For the time being and help organize similarly keep track. Was arranged later slowly.

The last bin

Nicely done packing the remaining moving day is?
Bucket, rag, sandals and tableware used last, toiletries, tissues, and
These then together as the last box, nice opens first in moving ahead. It is needed in the new House first advance put here is useful. Good use is soon makeup tool or dishwashing SOAP and towels, minimum, pet food, and women.


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