Point you can predict the weather somewhat

Degree without having to check the weather, even in one of the body is the point you can predict the weather.

And hear the sound of the train better rains

Heard good sound of the train, said when it rains.
And say why this is, is acoustic reflection and difficult words come out further so I won’t go into, and hear sound factory and train better than always, said likely after the rain However, this is the story of the spring-autumn. And reverse audible factory and train better said would be great for winter. So accuracy is not high, think of helpful.

Swallows fly low rains

It is said from the old, swallows fly low rains said. Bugs we clear on why this is the swallow food, do not fly high high humidity before the rains.
Therefore, is that many places close to the ground. Swallows take the bait is flying low and looking for bugs is lower. This is no just swallow, with small birds mostly same takes action. Swallow forecast? At least might say that it falls very well. Please, do please observe the behavior of the swallows from everyday.

The smell of the water to trees near the rains

Before the rain, OH or smell that… it rains, no thing to? Just before it rains down exactly the pressure, so that is to the smell of rain. However, things may not smell of rain, the rapidly falling rain.
So go near trees, please try sniffing the smell. Trees are sensitive because for humidity very, before rains turn peculiar smell from the leaf veins. Therefore, is sunny and rainy days, different aroma of trees near. You usually check the scent of the wood, you see things, rain falls from this.


Old weather did people use various wisdom, it rains, sunny, was to determine individual. Wisdom of our ancestors, and passes enough modern weather forecasts. Even if the case had forget watching weather knowing the weather forecast for emergency and when it is convenient. Content mentioned above, please please try helpful.


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