Typical tourist Gifu [travel / travel]-theme list

This is a list of typical attraction of Gifu Prefecture and theme parks.

-Historic building shirakawago winter Region of shōkawa, Gifu, Prefecture North of Hida, Shirakawa village, known from the old name of Shirakawa-go. Remaining historic building settlements thatched roofs, floors are famous.
Side blanketed in snow in winter, its appearance is very spectacular. In 1995, added to world heritage.
-The main Aquarium Gifu world freshwater fish park Aquarium
The main theme
 Hida Park テディベアエコ village
 Flower Festival commemorative Park
 Oku Hida Toy Museum Leech is the Park Tanigumi Lily Garden


Remain in the old historic buildings and traditional Gifu Prefecture. Come visit the tourist holiday?.

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