Refusing the sales call

Coping with bad sales call is.

Listen to each other,

And reminiscent of the nature here is even a little, enters and scolds to sow interject here is not much, and that description.
At phone socialistic thought the immediately “sales were prohibited. “And 言い放ちます, weave words.

Take the initiative

Silence is 思うツボ of the other party. Opponents say the Chase quite often, so ask questions here.
What is どちらさま?
What your requirements are? They answered, “I have no interest to refuse. “And 言i放chi, they are still talking,” excuse me. “And saying and take off the phone.
Because the cause is known phone number here and take attitude here too a impolite, and is such a dumb phone harassment is “excuse me. “And with the courtesy turn.

Trader says relative

Should not persistently mostly say it.
Will soon give up. Once persistently asked for more “personal information, so cannot answer. Excuse me. “And is the activist said.


Stocks from cosmetic products until all sales phone and is a lot of solicitation phone recently. As much as possible, not taken extra time and definitely refuses to give somebody the courage to spend.


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