How to ride the train station 1 minute fare all day long

Introduce how to ride the train station 1 minute fare throughout the day.

First introduction

Metropolitan suburban flight that things in the sectors defined in the JR passenger business rules,
If you normally use the tickets or ticket number in the metropolitan area only You can ride in the fare calculated regardless of the actual ride track most cheaper route.
However, duplicate route not ride and cannot get off along the way. Also, season ticket is not available.

Route survey

Examine the Metropolitan suburban section of JR’s home page Consider watching go to roundabout within that range from station station next to the track map.
At that time and stroke to any track without duplicates as a point make.
Also check ride possible within one day, firmly in the timetable. Ride a paper route and station via route once exports.


How far goes only rather of care as you want, How can train ride longer, so please do not misunderstand the.


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