Signal colors meaning

3 Colors of red, yellow and blue in basic colors of the signal has a fixed sort order.
Lined left turn blue, yellow, red, horizontal signals the vertical signal red, ringtone, along with the order of the blue things are decided.
Signal hidden such as roadside signs, trees and branches, horizontal signals, even red from curbside to placed at the far right, can see only the most important red. Portrait of signals for pedestrians to signal does not fall under the weight of the snow is less prevalent in the city except, lots of snow blanketed the region, the vertical signal there. Are equipped to look red to red at the top, it snow.

Signal is why 3 colors of red, yellow and blue?
Respectively, the Tricolor, meaning. First of all, red is the most distant color easy to judge from. May mean “stop on red, so prominently in any case, reflexively is supposed to stop.
Also, psychological factors, so easy to feel warning and crisis will like looking note.
And the blue is safe psychologically relaxing colors, also means that proceeded to things not to depart in the excited state, than good sense imbued.
Yellow can be seen often in poor visibility, rain and fog, yellow raincoat elementary school is for the same reason. Incidentally, each province has paid electricity signal are keeping traffic order, and will 12 billion in the year. This electricity is paid in fines, such as traffic violations.


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