[From now ready! : Home What's emergency evacuation bag

Aftershocks of the earthquake in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Northeast has continued to increase.
Say somebody from the heart to suited victim and
Further without damage, disaster areas arrive early, goods such as
We hope to revive it.
However, not is unsure what will happen going forward.
If in the unlikely event that was to
While what I need to check, in the House
Emergency kit is now available. If you do not have your evacuation bag ready reference?

Materials required

  • Flashlight and batteries
  • High calorie caloriemate, cooked food, including also without having to cook good food
  • Plastic bottle water
  • ( 2, and 3 ringtones ) underwear, socks, clothing
  • ( 1 ) set jerseys and clothing
  • Tissue ( tried to put each box )
  • Stationery (oil pen, Notepad)
  • Plasters, visas
  • Writer
  • Mask of dust prevention and infection control
  • Glasses, contact ( because his poor eyesight. )
  • Saran Wrap ( panacea that aid for personal injury, cold dish instead! )
  • Cutter knives
  • Seal, passbooks, etc
  • Contact notes for friends and family
  • Work gloves
  • Money ( ¥ 1,000 bills and coins, about 20000 Yen )
  • Rain gear


  1. Large backpack and pack them. → travel bag-backpack because in my house.
  2. Anyway, earthquakes, such as when to evacuate as soon have… Put keep, side of the bed.

Notes and tips

  • I would put priority necessities and protect the food, water, body good.
  • If you have a family family and luggage separately and with it may not.


Did you know?
-Launch of ISODINE has so use disinfectant solution instead.
And I think Luc is carrying for a long time, and hands off it’s useful.
-Without helmets, in light of hardening plastic tray and also protect the head or possible. -Whistle and when the call for help if something sounds, instead of the voice seems to come.


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