Reuse of the skin of the fruit

I just throw out fruit Peel waste. Before it’s just garbage, using little more?

Orange peel

-Stain remover With magic oil stains in the juice from the orange peel
The smell disappeared Orange peel appetite in the range 2-3 minutes,. Then thoughtful range of odors disappear
-Bath Wrapped in gauze and dried in the Sun and bathing. More pleasant Orange scent.

Banana peels

Anti-itch- Where insect bite itching 和らぎます and rub the inside
-Fertilizer Included many potassium needed a banana plant growth. Let the fertilizer mixed with soil.
-Shoe shine After the scrubbed shoes inside and wipe with a dry cloth shiny will

Apple peels

-Take the darkening in the aluminium Pan Aluminum pot and simmer apples Peel dirt おちます acid effects.
-Clean the sink Polish and sink in the skin of an Apple, a slimy can


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