Draw a picture on PC!

Introducing digital and draw a picture, though, a variety of ways there is widespread youth centre currently in I. House in a while, analog and can draw a different picture.

Install the software

To install software that is required draw on PC.
I think you “paint” the software included with Windows. However little there for high perfection in this painting, digital painting.
So, Let’s install the advanced rendering software.
“GIMP”, “pixia”, and “Azpainter” is featured in the free, is three. Performance (in terms of simple drawing is) not inferior to any famous Photoshop has.

Draw anything?

Dealing with Digital Pro is always and use say “tablet”. I think it is working with a pen instead of the mouse, and.
You can use this pen tablet, draw clean lines on the PC.
But the Tablet is expensive many, 1 ~ 20000 much stuff there is. Ones that can name an the hand immediately is what the first step, first draw a line in the mouse.


Now is my surroundings including Tablet and depicts a picture. Things not can’t draw even a mouse, I first touched the soft looking good?


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