Resharpening of rice soup reuse

Speaking of Japanese staple, rice.
Mainstream is the rice rinse free days that have not even rice may also still unconcerned, still have it. とぎ汁 so come back when. I’m actually use it, surprising and a lot of things.

Wash the dishes

Included とぎ汁 starches effective stain remover. It saves even a little water bill.

Vegetables boiled down

For many of you know this isn’t or? とぎ汁 with boiled down then you can あく抜き. Use, such as bamboo shoots your bladder.

Water the plants to do

Water fairy watering when Let’s give the juice. Water sounds so gives Spear of water-saving effect of plant growth, of course, good one-stone.


Use the とぎ汁 MOP. Produces the same washing effect. Oil stains may also effect.


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