Overseas travel is a useful body language

Overseas travel is a useful body language. So a little different and Japan.

Overseas and Japan differ slightly, your body language. So don’t think going through Japan from and use overseas.
“I have…” and or when you want to say, you red anywhere? Course will own the problem is that points to the location. If not through their faces if the opponent. Abroad “I…” and intersect my chest when I want to say.
Also shake hands in front of the face will often “different” means you. However, it is not a “different”, meaning “smell” would be taken. If you want to say “different”, index finger, 振りましょう right and left.
OK is the OK signs a lot? But this abroad, should be avoided. From becomes quite different meaning. If you want to OK the thumbs-up!
Gesture is varied by country. Simple words, so take remember travel before you, so what.


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