Wraps help to disaster!

During a disaster or power outage mobile goodies there, In fact in the kitchen may help toy.
It wraps. Wrap helps various emergency substitute.

Replacement plates

During a disaster or power outage is missing such irregularities in the water.
So you can’t wash the dinner dishes. So then avoid it wrapped dishes, 洗わなくて, several times the same dish can be used.

Substitute the long rope

Lap 20 meters and 50 meters and, extending the long and twisting makes a sturdy rope. If you want a more sturdy rope made three, and 三つあみ tough increases.

Substitute for sponge

And round wrap long fist big crumpled the sponge. Included in the SOAP and detergent can be used in body and dishwasher.

Instead of bandages, cold and protection

When has injuries, wrap the bandage instead. You can protect from dirt and infection.
Also from bandages on 巻けば too, such as protection of bandages, and rain, moisture can protect. Temporary protection against the cold, colder body and cold parts directly 巻けば, can.

When the toilet use

If want to shit without water, lay a rap on the toilet, or hole is the moat and do so on the. Flights outside wrap wrapped is throw only. Can block the smell wrap wrapped in, without water, you can handle the shit.

Rakuten lap looking for it


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