[Anime] old masterpiece ‘Golden bat’

Speaking of Golden bat, everyone or is will have heard the name much? It can, like classic’s Internet delivery.

Golden bat said Bell’s distinctive laugh and know that only the bats lyrics phrase too often. I think and I try now, quite an old work is easily seen….
I’m actually being delivered every week at Nico Nico douga. However, you must watch is free, and two episodes later as 1 week after delivery, only 1 story is free so don’t miss out.
Animation quality also different in the past and current. But the fun therefore such unthinkable now.
First of all, anyway is dark. 1 Story contained enough wildly talk I packed. It has density of unthinkable drags deployments has increased recently as for lasting story.
The image トンデモなく the future at the time of funny. Hell just say whether thought and civilization to develop anything like this in the old days is great.
And, above all surrealism too. It is too ridiculous strength of Golden bat is another. Though struggling. We will annihilate the enemy anymore, which is not from the villains know overwhelming strength. It hero too strong now that nothing makes is invincible sore over such dimensions. It is anyway it surreal and funny.
You will be surprised by what was exciting watching the kid also become adults saw so different?. Than gag so it should be serious though they laugh.

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