A useful umbrella will help during the rainy season

Umbrella of annoying during the rainy season.
It contemplated or because I don’t know when it rains bring out: umbrella
Eventually to become non-existent, with the non-existent wet hands and clothes in water. Introduce some to me is like umbrellas so helpful during the rainy season.

Bag umbrella umbrella keeps

It is “sliding plastic cover is attached to the tip of an umbrella etiquette go umbrella”. When train or car ride, raised cover only water becomes stable, the hassle is reducing.
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Okay, strong wind umbrella

An umbrella or ひっくり返り Typhoon and headwind, heavy very!
And when it
Is pulling out of the wind “umbrella” (jumping umbrella).
Umbrella fabrics that is in the dual structure, wind inside the umbrella fabrics from missing outside, When the wind is blowing out easy is.
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Can open and close the one touch folding umbrella

When a conveniently portable folding umbrella also has luggage, would collapse is troublesome.
Help hands get wet that jumping umbrella over it and stuff. It seems if ( Tony ) TOTES automatic opening and closing collapsible umbrellas so much hassle.
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Foldable umbrella onto storage cover

After using the folding umbrella, or, put in the bag and put the included cover also cover wet because… しまえない had dropped only cover somewhere!
May said.
Part of the pattern is the plastic cover intact is “マジックアンブレラ” Shaped like a relay baton of collapse and the denizens are maeru bag.
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