Disaster [idea] how to carry water from water trucks 1

If you had to cut off the disasters mobilized water car
To ensure water from water trucks
When no pumping water tanks and buckets have is ideas . To secure more water when it is more efficient.

Materials required

  • Plastic bag in a relatively thick mouth are favorable
  • Corrugated cardboard


  1. Plastic bags into water
  2. Water put in a plastic bag and Dan put the ball carries at least 2 people

Notes and tips

  • Note Because carrying bag just in easy tear
  • You can at the same time carries more water.


Per person a day drinking water standard is 3 litres said.
After that 3 days until the water takes one week water recovery 6 liters,
It is 18 liters.
After this four person’s family, will be 72 liters volume.
Speaking of 18 liters 2 liter PET bottle 9 minutes Select the movies within 36 minutes to 72 liters.
Is drinking alone. I think in time it is important to ensure 運べて more water.


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