[Gardening] growing Gerbera

Gerbera vivid colors in various colors. Color garden is perfect.


  1. And planting way
    Gerbera can grow from seeds, germination rate by type of bad it’s better because it also bought the seedlings.
    How to increase breeds other than seedling. If you increase the breeds, pulled from the Bowl dropped the soil well, わけます co., Ltd. 2-3 to hand.
    Note When you over thick roots.
    It is divided to continuously putting knives, etc. Big bottom leaves, shallow planting as bud goes part of the ground.
  2. And to raise It is like sunny places, somewhat drying plants.
    Believing friends in place in the Sun as much as possible.
    However, so weak in the heat of summer summertime airy good half shade, grows in the place of rain rainy season. It grows so weak cold winter indoors.
    Where it continues for cold and dry dormant comes spring sprout also. Water from dry topsoil is overkill.
    Modest and so growth will dull winter. Careful because water in wet soil conditions do cause root rot.
  3. And care When flower Withers except from the groin cut scape.
    Cheek and you make kind of nutrition would be out of order. Lot leaves come thick sunlight probable lower leaves and dead will be.
    Let’s cut the leaves it. Tweaking a groin per finger shake left and right, easy ちぎれます.

Notes and tips

  • Be aware of such as rain, Frost
  • Summer half-shade to raise


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