[hanabi] Featured attractions of Disneyland fireworks show

Fireworks being launched almost every day can be seen from various locations is introducing in recommended.


  1. 1.

    Splash Mountain before the Critter country
    Fireworks from around is just powerful wow スブラッシュマウンテン base before.
    It is close for Fireworks!

    Beauty of fireworks is of course sounds also dynamic! 2.

    ラッキーナ get cafe near the Westernland
    Fireworks are seen from the ラッキーナ get Café is at the foot of the ビックサンダーマウンテン
    So go back to Tom Sawyer island and the American River is spectacular.


    Burnt Fireworks may be falling. 3.

    Cinderella hotel
    Sulley staple in Cinderella.
    Fireworks in the Cinderella Castle is the best!

    Narration in the commentary of a Fireworks also hear down Pat. 4.

    Swiss family Treehouse
    Swiss family Treehouse towering Adventureland.
    Here, climb the big trees at their feet, Robinson home has been reproduced on the tree.
    Fireworks seen from the Hill is exceptional! Just too wide so far, it may not best position.


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