Hot picks with the PPS ratio-Kogen ski area

Introduce the featured day spa plateau PPS ratio (APPI) ski resort and its surroundings.
[Recommended ski resorts in the Northeast]
-Shizukuishi Kogen ski field and featured hot springs , Zaō Onsen Ski Resort and featured hot springs

PPS ratio Kogen ski resort is the proud Japan one of the busiest, representing the Northeast with Yamagata ZAO King Onsen ski area ski resort. PPS ratio Highlands Ranch and Highland golf clubs PPS ratio in addition to ski and stay all-season resort.
[Operating hours]
Late December-early may
 8:30-16:00-Night 16:00-20:00
Course outline
Course number: 21 maximum incline: 34 times
Distance: longest runway :5,500 m slope configuration: Beginner 30% intermediate: 40% advanced: 30%
Lifts: 2 gondola, based on 18 lifts Snowboard ratio: 30 %
[Piste map]
[Featured day trip Onsen]
  APPI hot patio
  The best open-air baths are comfortable airy courtyard (patio).
  Comfortable healing space with a large sauna Japan one of the largest.
  APPI ice bath and delicious.
  Opening hours: 6:00-21:30

Bath fee: adult 840 Yen / child 400 Yen
  - Hot-spring baths & sauna (PPS ratio Grand Hotel)
  Ratio of Xi’an Hotel Grand spa baths.
  Tired of traveling and will relax the fatigue after sports.
  Opening hours: 15:00-24:00

Bath fees: 1050 yen for adults and children 525 Yen
  - Mature Hot Springs Hotel Oh and Yu
  A bubble bath, whirlpool, sauna baths, as well.
  From the PPS ratio Kogen ski resort is 10 minutes away.
  Opening hours: 10:00-20:30


Bath fee: adults 500 yen, children 250 Yen
  - Bite Yu
  Bubble bath, sauna, and open-air rock bath in the bath, as well.
  Spot the ‘ PPS ratio plateau of the mountain you can enjoy the nature.
  Heat insulation effect is called “warm bath in hot water heat and salt Springs, excellent.
  Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

Bath fee: adult 500 yen
  - Frontier water Sauna equipped with a bath.
  Low Chang of alkaline high Springs is a dark brown, surprisingly in the bath and drink
  Can expect various benefits.
  Opening hours: 9:00-22:00 Bath fee: adults 500 yen, children 250 Yen


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