[Comic] recommend comic-GA art geijutsuka art design class

Provides deep content looking at the lovely pictures from cartoon “GA”.

Yuzuki’s Bimbo tidy ongoing at Kirara Carat time ‘ GA geijutsuka art design class ‘ and is, is this Mr. cartoon.
This cartoon is understood from geijutsuka art design class of name and stage is school’s Art Department.
The main story is spun four people in the school’s girls high school. Many people to confuse FAQ, is a four-frame comic lovely pattern inside thin four-frame MoE. However, the erudite and philosophical content there are many little piece.
No flashy, it carefully and to think even? While early takes laughter properly would be studied as a method of directing to the end of nature to think that aspiring cartoonists.
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Book (s) pace is late, along with it. Contents have a solid minutes, taking the time to make what might only there is a problem.
Works very good, except it even, so we want to try read is. Amazon.co.jp widgets


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