Popular jazz festivals around the world


Introducing the world three big Jazz Festival!
  Newport Jazz Festival??
  Newport Jazz Festival ( Newport Jazz Festival ),
  Pioneer of Jazz Festival held every August in Newport, Rhode Island
  In the present.
  Started in 1954 by the event promoter George Wein.

Many favourites are born here in over 50 years of history.
  Japan Victor… “R… I JVC Jazz Festival Newport,” is the name of the sponsor per since 1984 It became.
  Also held multiple FES sisters to New York and other cities, such as
  Today that is booming.
  Eponymous this festival in madarao Kogen in Japan “Newport Jazz Festival, Inn, madarao” had been held from 1982 until 2003.

From source: wikipedia

A Midsummer night’s ( Jimmy Jeffrey ) [Jazz]
Film that documents the 1958 Newport Jazz FES “Midsummer night’s Jazz”.

  Monterey Jazz Festival??
  Newport, Rhode Island, followed by 1958, California and Monterey retreat began.

Japan version is held in Nanao city, Ishikawa Prefecture.
[Paul Desmond plays “Emily”-Monterey Jazz festival 1975]


  Montreux Jazz Festival?? Held at Montreux is a Switzerland Leman Lake Resort on the banks of.
  Held every July

Jazz Festival is held throughout between 11 January and may each year in Switzerland.
[Carlos Santana et Buddy Guy – Montreux Jazz Festival]

  ◯ Summary
  By the way, is the world’s largest Jazz Festival
  This is the Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada and Montreal).

It is done between June and July, gather around 1500000 people one of the largest Jazz Festival.
[Diana Krall – Temptation: Montreal Jazz Festival 2004 Live] [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4fbD0YBSZQ]



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