[Cartoon] This manga advance of the ‘ Giants’ Wow!

This manga is great! 2011 Is the comic won the 1st place in otoco ed.

In bessatsu shōnen magazine is a cartoon in the series. People fled from the giants who eats, lived safely inside the walls. Would be again exposed to the threat of giant wall is broken with truly followed the peace for a long time….
Is the story of giants with absolute power, and antidepressants that people overwhelmingly a desperate battle. Anyway a ruthless fight is repeated, large かけ離れ and Royal Road can be said that as a feature of Shōnen manga. Nice per or not is not fight said what no guilty or bad aftertaste.
There is still a boy cartoon? Also anyway care becomes more cluttered with various mysteries is a charm.
If you want to determine interesting objective, what is?
-This comic is great!
2011 Won first place in otoco Ed
-Film decisions 2013,
-No. 35 times Kodansha manga boy Division award And so on, various records corroborate the fun.
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