Kyo [train] King Inokashira line series 3000

Keio Inokashira line King 3000 series train ( けいおう 3000 k an electric train ) the summarized videos.

Keio series 3000 trains ( けいおう 3000 k an electric train ), Kyocera manufactured by Tokyu vehicles manufactured between 1991 ( 0/1991 ) 1962 ( 0/1962 ) head Inokashira line for commuter trains.
System of Government goodbye keiō 3000 series head beige Inokashira line, takaido station [HD-]
Inokashira line passing personally ※ curve is dying.
System of Government Keio Inokashira head line 3018 organization express Naga town from car
System of government capital head Inokashira line 3000 series front non-modified vehicle ( HQ )
※ This is nostalgic?
System of Government Keio Inokashira line snow scene head ( ´ 96.2.18 )
It is quite old and nostalgic.


I’m working in the Iyo railway!
Feels kinda weird but still thanks for running. Now let’s say it.

Iyo railway series 3000 operating operation day?? appearance 21.8.24


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