Update available! Fireworks would tell people trivia

So soon as authentic a Fireworks competition season, I gathered the trivia about the fireworks. And the Fireworks “-and until!
“Such as the Fireworks cheer origin of Edo people liked, just do not know and unexpected price, type, color of fireworks, Fireworks in foreign customs. You also have this erudite King of fireworks!

The origin of fireworks-history

Ingredient of gunpowder nitre, BC, discovered in China
The birth was found in the Han dynasty ( 0 ) late from 12 世紀 中期, prototype of fireworks and firecrackers.
Silk Street, nitre being was introduced to Europe.
“Hook” and “たまや” is the trade name of a well-known pyrotechnician
The name of the pyrotechnician representative developed the River opening Ryogoku Sumida River Fireworks Festival originated in Edo.
Two major firework fireworks of Edo popular for 2 minutes.
“Masamune” is Japanese for the first time I saw Fireworks!
Description of fireworks by tōjinmachi enjoyed Yonezawa Castle in 1589 of obsolete ‘date 家治 House record’.
Until it is discovered was said to Tokugawa Ieyasu saw Fireworks for the first time Japan in person.
Fireworks ban put people against Edo
3代 that Iemitsu encouraged the Fireworks craze among early adopters of new edokko.
However, for all home at the time was ready wood and paper, Fireworks ban came fire reasons.
Day they set off fireworks in abroad, depending on the country
Culture such as Fireworks, such as Japan, end strike as part of the event and raised many aspects of it.
New Year Fireworks, American independence day, including India France revolution day, Diwali.
Watch the fireworks of the world’s largest Guinness certified just Niigata “Katakai Festival Asahara shrine autumn example Festival dedication big fireworks” (Niigata), global maximum of 4 ulnar positive ball launched up to 800 m above ground.

Secret hidden in Fireworks

Fireworks’s color is determined by the metal to be used
Red: strontium carbonate
Yellow: sodium, calcium carbonate ( limestone )
Green: barium nitrate
Blue: copper oxide
White (Silver): magnesium-aluminum
No. 10 ball of about 30 cm in diameter, up until the height of Tokyo Tower
No. 3 ball 9 cm in diameter at 160 meters, reaching 190 meters No. 10 balls of approximately 30 cm in diameter.
Price of about 100 m diameter 3 ball is a 4000-5000 Yen
No. 20 ball diameter when the flowering of the 450 m 15000 yen, 150 m no. 5 balls ( 2 Shaku ball ) and become 800000 yen.
Another expense for launch facilities, labor, and guard the firework ball unit price.
Seen from anywhere round Fireworks’s proprietary Japan technology Technology developed from a beautiful ball to look from where it is seen from every angle of the town was so.


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