[Anime] Fleischer brothers discography “Grasshopper-Kun goes to town” is said to look at and.

When that Tokyo had a cartoonist’s Assistant, said and look the Fleischer brothers animated today, teacher 35 years ago. Went to watch received tickets at that time was “grasshopper you goes to town” that could work.

This work was watched for the first time in Tokyo anime film.
My teacher was renowned as a big fan of Disney Animation, gave me a ticket for this work and please look up the Fleischer brothers animated, was screened at the small Hall.
Is the interest wasn’t so much anime at that time, so that 折角 tried watching. Shooting technique and motion picture was great stuff, music was snazzy.
The brothers were present in the anime world famous. Known works such as “Popeye”, “Betty-Boop”, and “Superman”. “Grasshopper you go to town” it was to old and modern works. What will watch beyond age.
I would so cheap price products made from treasure island’s easy to buy. “Grasshopper you go to town” and is also one pack is a 2 piece of the “Superman”, is a surprise to its low price.


What became relatively anything getting care if possible, a convenient world.


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