[Fishing] best lures

Fishing has been conducted from the old.
Strong lure fishing and even sporting trend.
Talk about the history and merits such lures. I think and hope to see the only fishing people.

Ancient Egypt who went fishing was is very old entertainment history and hobbies. Lure fishing was born the modern to enjoy sport in such I became indispensable.
When first beginning lure dropped the spoon used to feed water is born in fish 寄りついた and spoon. From the lure of such early years passed, now like the fish shape became.
Lure fishing and feel it seems and lures when drew the pole in the water and the “バシュッバシュッ” rampage around large even in fish.
It is a ふにゃふにゃ lures, worms (vinyl) polymer technology has advanced greatly was called decades ago. This is both a earthworm appearance and texture which bugs just like bugs hate may think people feel bad.
Further, who lure fishing fan in collection are many. It is also beautiful lures luxury brands such as the trading highs!
So lure fishing started at relatively low cost, easy to say good taste.


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