Go to the morning fishing

朝釣りイメージMorning fishing on pleasant can enable even time for the holiday.


  1. Morning fishing can enjoy nature, you can use the holiday to enable.
    As a measure of fishing at sunrise one hour to arrive before I will. Set the beginning start fishing. Around the Chillin’ Sun comes rises from the sea. The scene is exceptional.

    Asahi had the background go ship even Good! Enjoy fishing 4.5 hours, return to the home, also under fish processing still around noon.
    Holiday time is still there.
    Is good even one drink beer lunch in fish caught, is seen from the afternoon, going out in the family. Anglers can enjoy holiday round morning!

Notes and tips

  • Note 1: since early morning, return of the once sleepy let NAP convenience stores, etc. Is happening from accident but slow.
  • Note 2: am now caught fish are returning should be stored in the refrigerator. Risk of food poisoning and especially early fish pain’s into cooler box “before eating at night 捌こう”.


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