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Autumn excursion. Go see a cute Chipmunk?

On the Utsunomiya line from Omiya station person station. -10 Minutes on foot from Toro station ( if baby’s 20 feet long?
) to be Average citizens of squirrel House”.
Chipmunks are pastured in the surrounded Woods a little inside.
Trickles down the back and went past the feet you can enjoy a very adorable appearance.
Appearance and goes out to fall hard, let hole fill Acorn cannot touch give the bait, You can take the time to visit.


So a very large park recommended lunch lawn too laid-back.

System of Government House list of citizen’s forest (minuma Green Center)
Location: Saitama, Saitama-Shi Kita-ku, minuma 2-94
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 • Opening hours from 10:00 to 午後 4時
             • Closed Mondays ( but when Monday falls on holiday and
             The next day ), and year-end holiday ( 12/29-1/3
 Until )
● free admission. [Parking] large > 300 usually 5 buses
• Access map ※ PDF file


“[House (Green Center, minuma) lists and citizen’s forest googleMap = name, Saitama Saitama-Shi Kita-ku, minuma 2-94 [/googleMap]


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