Familiar in English learning method

Need not go abroad in the process of learning English words familiar grasp the trick is possible.

I’m overseas study abroad experience, has possession, TOEIC 690 points EIKEN grade 2. Is still a mite English, I would like to introduce the tricks to remember English words learning English, among them.
Students often use commercial English word book. Is certainly useful, learn in life as mentioned above, familiar material is lying around. Thing when it goes to school, work, walk among them anyway to was translated into English to or and ask. And make sure you pull the dictionary after.
And when you know Word ceiling in the classroom, too many competitors according to negotiations “ceiling”, work in “negotiations” If you don’t know the English remember check later. I’m so you say “negotiation”, and you can learn.
So far I like this technique learned words. If there is one Japanese-English Dictionary is anyone can perform. Please try if you are interested in English.


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