Ready to climb the mountain of information

Tool and movement up to climb the mountain’s grooming, preparation, cooking and tent set-up information

First, novice suddenly climb a mountain that we recommend so is dangerous, can be tempered by legs from everyday. After one hour of exercise is required. Have fun train climbing companions. After one drink too nice.
Also, should enhance the processing of waterproof raincoat, shoes, and Zach in mountaineering is important. So changeable so mountain weather, from very often hit the rain, and wet 夜露 can be sure is. Could 乾かしましょう waterproof spray well good weather between 2 times. As fire or water without the dishes that bring. During the accident require bringing extra for. Caloriemate and jelly is recommended. Tent wet 夜露, so let’s strengthen often waterproof spray before.
Fun is fun climbing the mountain just enjoy the scenery, align colleagues with tools and preparation.


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