How to enjoy BBQ fun and women’s first meeting q dividing ed. watermelon?

Also piling up at the BBQ in full swing. Sounds a reasonable age while adding “fun” and talk. However, joins another fun tip just such an Orthodox holiday in episode it would more memorable experience for women. I want to suggest there are “split a watermelon.

Ready for Chapter 1 [shall have]

(1) Ball watermelon ( purchases: at the end of July-August )
(2) Masks (where to buy: Don Quixote)
3. Vinyl sheet (where to buy: Don Quixote) Crack the watermelon the 4 (where to buy: Tokyu hands) bar

Ready 2 q can prepare beforehand?

(1) Will want to buy watermelon is cut, or sold in the unlikely event that can buy in supermarkets to channels on the day, but may be not possible is to advance. 2-4, Will ready to advance still BBQ begin in the morning you need. You calculate the balance amounts include Watermelon eating cada amount even after large, eat a little, is better.

Prepare 3 q rendition of fun events?

Appeal “to split a watermelon (dir.) timing is important. From it, is not want left in memory as a fun event things that surprise.
But what for? Of course, women’s and crossing the “from today will bring ( watermelon ) koitsu after freestyle together, why! “I and Ali also grasp. Or BBQ started immediately after her birthday presents and while “I’m really have such a thing… SHAZAM! “It’s also Ali.

Chapter 1 [start time]

In fact, when starting? Watermelon is just “desserts”. BBQ in the food they would assess hard to Jimi. Also just finished eating meat ( Yakisoba ) too early. 慌ただしくて return to the previous can’t feel the reverberations. Could even stomach bloat, and has enjoyed, and I think as a proposal when better and is. 「…… Oh, speaking of watermelon had a foretelling “as I remembered it.

Practice 2 q watermelon allocation rules chapter?

Let stand first blindfold player, roughly 4 feet away from Watermelon starting point. Is committed ago the start, with the tip of the rod head to mainly stick to 5 rotating about, is to stagger is a start. Oh, remember to put mixi and facebook SNS site later for photos taken!

Practice 3 q dividing ed. スイカカチ]

If one is speaking, determining the order in which the good at rock paper scissors, men, and absolutely break a watermelon in one second is important. Dang I crack watermelon readily prepared smoothly at 1. Around several times and after challenge, mutual laughter fail girls friends and affinity also deepened the expectations around that “is then only” continue rising gradually. The calm of the storm like piling up before. Strong men split, seize the moment! Is watermelon divided by hardship, the cheers increases the pleasure. And, though it was being distracted by dividing, watermelon is surprisingly good! Finish eating around, surely women who “today, always more fun?” and I should think from the heart.


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