Autumn featured spots in Tokyo part 1 introduces.

There are some spots to watch leaves Tokyo. Period from late October until early December, is the best season is a lot of place.

Mt. mitake

You can climb to near the Summit of Mt. ontake in the cable car.
  Various waterfalls
  ロックガーデン hiking course overlooking the autumn to see recommended It is.
-Best season forecast: early to mid-December 11
   -Cable rates: (round trip) 1090 yen for adults and children: 550 Yen

-Parking: 154, one 1,000 yen

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Without saying a Word and Shinjuku in Tokyo, a large park.
  Imperial garden within approx. 58 hectares
  The space in “Japan Garden”, “English landscape garden”, “plastic garden France” Combined with the trees of more than 10000 book.
  Approximately 1300 books and cherry blossoms in spring As a consequence of bustles with many tourists.
  Japan Sakura 100 places. Has been.
-Best season forecast: 11-early to late
   -Entrance fee: adults: 200 yen, 50 Yen

-Opening hours: 9:00-16:00 ( 16:30 Park )

6 Y. Park

6 Y. Park, 側用人 five dynasties Tokugawa Shogun, Tokugawa tsunayoshi and Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu’s own residence Is big name Japanese garden was built.
  Flower of the azalea is a particularly famous and 特に 有名 で 的 象徴 な 地元 で は symbol of a local
  Are there.
  Also, a flower of a pink tinge branches full of weeping cherry tree near the gardens entrance, at the end of March
  As the time-honored blooms of the weeping cherry tree and foliage season
  Is illuminated at night. Recommend Park is top always buzz ranking.
-Best season forecast: Sept.-Oct. 11,,
   -Admission fee: General ※ following elementary school and Tokyo school’s junior high school students 300 yen, over 65 ¥ 150 is a free
         -Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (visitors are admitted until 16:30)
   ※ Lighting during the 21:00 until (visitors are admitted until 20:30))

-Parking: no

Mt. Takao

From Downtown West 50 km from Shinjuku Tokyo, King line express fastest 47 minutes.
  Access from the Tokyo metropolitan area
  Mt. Takao with goodness, Kanto mountains lined up to Yamanashi Prefecture Gunma, Saitama, from Southeast Located in.
  For close to the Tokyo metropolitan area, throughout the year many tourists and climbers
  Featured in the autumn, maple leaves enjoy yakuo-JI-Yuan and cable cars around the environment,.
  So also, Takao mountain ビアマウント 500 meters above sea level of Tokyo open summer Drinking beer while watching the beautiful scenery is recommended.
-Best season forecast: 11-early to late and parking: Kyo King Takao Yamaguchi station near the number of places available.

Any one day about 1,000 yen.

Lake Okutama

Various attractions and tourist facilities and Okutama Lake and its surrounding metropolitan area
  We loved as an oasis.
  Lake Okutama, Tokyo’s precious water, use of citizen 180 million reservoir gross tons, We supply approximately 2% of the water.
  Images of trees and around the Ridge Lake is filled with silence, cherry tree,
  Fresh, green leaves, and also produces vivid and winter seasons.
  Because also the nippara limestone cave is near the cave of Kanto (is 600 yen) Kokuyo is.
-Best season forecast: Aug. 11-early-11,

Yoyogi Park

23-Ku Yoyogi Park fifth widely in City Park, forest park, Stadium, There are various facilities, such as the outdoor stage.
  Leaves, a Ginkgo tree-lined with red Maples is recommended.
-Best season forecast: Mar. 11, Jan. 12-
   -Admission fee: free

-Parking: approximately 150 cars, one-hour 400 Yen


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