Seasoned with the usual Japanese more delicious way

Is the Japanese seasoned the watch out for the “order” only hope it will be said. I know of many, introducing its base.

Seasoning “and contest Su”

Food in five basic seasoned seasoning the pun is “of contest Su” is.
Seasoning: points each.
-Sugar ( “and” thank you ) ※ may drink ( Ke “and” ) “theory.
-Salt ( “and” your )
-Vinegar ( “to” ) -Soy ( “let”. It is now “soy sauce”.
) -Miso ( seen “notional” )

“And enough Su”, a translation

Bluntly, to the seasoned “and contest let seasonings into the the order” that seems to be seasoned delicious secret.
The main reason is as follows:.
 -Large sugar molecules, and it would put small salt molecules, such as to Sugar into the food is no longer sweet resistant.
So, put the sugar which is good.
-Put because osmotic call water ingredients from high salt ( saltwater ), decide which flavor simmered in early May.
-Good vinegar too soon turn sour it jumps, put in the Middle while cooking. -Miso, soy sauce, so enjoy the flavor into the finish is desired.


Who is at the same time put seasoning from, and anyway they try once!

looking for seasoning in Rakuten


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