[Choose] sleeping bag-Schroff

Sleeping bags and Syrah can used in various applications.
When I buy a sleeping bag and Syrah

What should I buy?

The simple answer
(1) Use, giving you the choice
(B) to carry or not?

(3) Where a location or season to use?

I think good considering the points above the base.
(1) Would you base most suit applications.

I tried together.

System of Government for camp
  Because so many dowload luggage
I think Mommy type can be stored in the compact sleeping bag is suitable.

System of Government spring, autumn and winter camp (moving cars) ( Summer Festival ) outdoor event / disaster measures for
I think sleeping Mommy type is useful in the structurally higher heat capacity is suitable.

?? In summer camp (moving cars) vehicle for NAP, home ( and their guests ) and NAP in the company of
I think sleeping in sleeping comfort and user-friendliness of an envelope are suitable.

 Sleeping bag, Syrah has a variety of purposes, disaster and keep
 It is also useful because To purchase these or why not try?


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