[Travel] 40010 city sewer nature park

Common name: Dragonfly Kingdom. If you go to the Shimanto River in Kochi, sunny sky high visit here today, felt. It is a Dragonfly sanctuary in the world.

Lived in 0/1960, the land along the Sea Beach Temple of Sakai, Osaka.
Went to sea filled completely off until now, one side become plant trunks as House at that time, beyond Chin (hankai tramway in Osaka only) train station, to swim in the beautiful beach pine hamadera Park as far.
As long as it is around the homes overlooking groves and rice I in rice paddies, neighborhood child falls sometimes into 肥溜 (こえだめ) was, or commotion. Is the appearance of the creature’s remaining memories of such landscapes one clearly which flits to hirahira was flying high overhead. In a wide variety of black feathers flew gracefully.
Thought the first butterflies only. But okay and look a picture book is something different from home’s sewer choutombo “. Red dragonfly, 糸トンボ and shiocaratombo, etc., some times part 1 was had seen choutombo in those days.
Now in love since it marks. ( 0/1985 ), 1985. When you heard the news and can park marks because I wanted to look Shimanto River, ago went away bike immediately passing. However, was soon passes the Park is not yet completed, were aquatic organisms such as lethocerus deyrollei is unfortunately dragonflies are observed.
Remains eventually be revisited is yet it alone now. Only then is know Web appearance. To protect natural so still like spreading its scale, come see after sewer Park once please who like dragonflies,. ( marks the from mid December to seems to be its heyday. )


I think you do AB marks as well, had come to the garden of flowers, bees, butterflies, can expect less. Do you guys feel otherwise? And now not seen entirely ( flying Hummingbird like ) hylas hylas clean transparent wings, Looper too rarely see. アオバハゴロモ size larger planthopper from light green to fortunate not met. Listen to and even alligator has decreased.

I think is not too early too what measures to beat.
● 40010 city sewer nature park

          • Location:, 787-0019 of Kochi Prefecture IV toichi gudō 8055-5 Tel:0880-37-4110 FAX:0880-37-4113
10,000 Kochi Prefecture IV [“40010 city sewer natural park googleMap = name”, toichi gudō 8055-5 [/googleMap]



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