[Travel] Kyoto Nishi, “pine Dragon” of the temple is did you know?

Goodness in nishikyo-Ku oharano, Kyoto, Temple (よしみねでら). One unusual pine tree.

Western Kyoto, West Moors so-called Luo is the temple. Is a Tendai systems opened in the Heian era the venerable Temple.
Because of high altitude near the hillside in the mountains west of Lok is on the way must climb steep. However, surrounded by mountains from the temple area arrived around Kyoto City spread below look, fatigue will be 癒えて.
I won’t go into details, such as the structure of the temple, one famous pine trees. Yu Yong (ゆうりゅう) of the “pine tree” and said, old is likely going to approximately 600 years.
This pine is vertical branches rather straight and stretched sideways, original had 54 meters length, in the 2007 branch of 15 meters North of the I is cut for the pine weevil. Still remains and is called “pine tree” in Japan, is elected to the new Japan 100 time-honored”.
Please visit if it has general visiting Kyoto is famous today.


As far as bamboo stretches around large wilderness region. Its range is becoming narrower compared with the old still growing residential. Enjoy the color of the trees of the mountain and pine and bamboo, it wide sky color.
Kyoto Tower there and looks pretty surprising and town.

System of Government location: Kyoto, nishikyo-Ku, Ohara Ueno small salt town 1372
[“Kyoto, nishikyo-Ku, Ohara field small salt town 1372 googleMap = name”, Kyoto City, nishikyo-Ku, Ohara field small salt town 1372 [/googleMap]


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