Pasta to eat delicious tricks

Easy to make a living people or poor people’s food is pasta. This provides two such pasta expertise.

[Raw pasta style to regular pasta!

Fresh pasta is vine and vine and is very good, compared to ordinary dry pasta kinda high.
Raw pasta style to such dry pasta.
How container into pasta, put warm or put on the whole much water, only to leave one hour.
Pasta contains water washed when out is OK.
Raw pasta style, so boiling times only 3 minutes 2, will be faster.
Is the usual pasta and delicious to save and get knowledge.
[How to undo the past boiled pasta]
No experience has been too much boiled pasta noodles?
Short boil times cannot, too boiled, hard to even good boild story is back another time.
Compromise too had boiled pasta to eat also too soft and not tasty pasta of the long-awaited.
How to undo the time back was too much boiled pasta like of like. Microwave oven is used.
Put ball too had boiled noodles for even a microwave switching. Then pasta water flying, hardness are also reverted.


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