How to reduce travel luggage

When foreign travel, including when possible and luggage lighter living is prepared.

Not got lost

“Let’s do. Though it is good “and what I think is decisively bag from Sayonara ゃいましょう I.
While traveling, just need to unexpectedly trip or get something. Te and super large cities if overseas, to consult the hotel’s concierge.

Immediate transformation Pack bag

Check luggage I’ll “have” to put together! It is unnecessary and unexpected, and overlapping.

Use succession does not have a

For example if applications, such as umbrellas and raincoats, overlap, and I’ll be しぼっちゃ either. And choose as one embraces the various applications, in addition to reduced luggage… maybe.

Easy to wash clothes on one easy-to-dry

This effective summer than winter seasons come travel the longer the time to travel.
Means that if different everyday clothes, days min clothes, luggage and minutes more. Clothing easy to wash, dry easy ringtone take clothes and easy-to-turn, see gotta wash locally!
Choose material wrinkling and even ¤. Te is also thrown by the way, such as underwear, socks, towels, take not regrettable things, fast.


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