How my [skinny 8 km]

It is never particularly strengthened awareness ever about diet How to talk about now?

Succeeded in life half the diet of approximately 8 km.

◯ my diet method

1, One day diet ※ flow of this 5 day is roughly one week.

    Breakfast: bread or 1 balls

Lunch: like I eat snow

Dinner: beer or alcohol

※ When I’m hungry, was eating peanuts and almonds.

Other: water 1, more than 2 litres

2, Exercise

Especially don’t do it.
    3, Supplements

What I thought and the missing DHC inexpensive purchase and intake
     Example ) ※ I think effect directly to diet.
     Eleutherococcus senticosus

Rice seven references

[Point here]
  In the diet, eat lunch and morning!
  And, not intake as much as possible at night.
  I like beer I drank only beer
  Without hesitation, when hungry and ingested small amounts of almonds and peanuts

Week 1-2 days is firmly ate dinner.
  Done half a year as a result, weight was 68 km, 60 km

Succeeded 8 kg weight.
If you set goals in the short term
I think and perhaps rebound likely

Maybe I was how to get rid of mental stress as much as possible. Please try it.


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