How to take a meal in the USJ deals

USJ is now leading the Japan any large attraction Park Asterix. We teach you オトク information about the diet of the USJ.

No order to menu KWBB

American-style Burger shop KWBB, even though no menu would ready to order menu.
It is the only order.
For example, such as hamburgers and fries is set price all basically.
However, is actually possible order in the car just as hamburger.
If potatoes without the discount makes 250 yen. Please try hearing clerk when ordering.

How to eat cheap!

I even have purchased expensive Passport ticket, takes the money diet even more fine. In “you don’t want to dedicate money to eat!
“As you think”-oriented attraction”is or. Introducing cheap dispense diet recommended for such a way.
It’s easy.
Let’s go to city walk out once from USJ, adjacent to the USJ!
Go there, including McDonald’s might and can heal because コンビニ got some really cheap and hungry. Of course, once out from the Park, back entrance can be okay.

Garden restaurant

Is it busy always comes to the lunch restaurant, is actually booking a restaurant there.
It’s total 4 places of the members landing”Parkside Grill フィネガンズバー & Grill” Sai Road”. Additionally I the reservation can be some seating.
For example or the lagoon-side or corner of the seat.
At the entrance to each restaurant, for reservations. Please spend time to enable it go to booking!
Also, a seafood restaurant in San Francisco area called “ロンバーズランディング”
If self-assessment birthday that will service the cake dessert.
So, and to declare that birthday, such as in restaurants, and other, if the service is Please ask the clerk.




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