[Gardening] raising nemophila

Nemophila blooms of blue spring. Spring flowers are rare colors, so garden accents??


  1. 9-10, Sprinkle the seeds. The planter or garden would directly reels. Interval is exactly much wider.
    Rest assured because spring spread at once. Believing friends in plastic pots, until a reasonable size, growing from repotting. In the spring, 植え付けます. However, please note so as cut roots this time. Originally, not suitable for the relocated plant, so much is just much too cautious.
  2. 11 / 2 Do not so strong in the cold bother especially cold measures and freezing will wither.
    If too much colder as winter let’s to mulch as well.
    Are so wary of cold and grow in a warm room becomes weak stocks, as raised in outdoor is better. Besides the topsoil is dry sunny location, giving the water and not meddle with as much as possible so that and. Kinda harsh about it will grow firmly.
  3. -3-6 Month It is the flower season.
    That would be around this time stretches to fill the interval which was broad seedlings growing? Flower color depends on the breed, major are blue flowers.
    You can add to the garden. One year since a grass, flower season once will wither. Keep the seeds and wait until 9-10, sowing.


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