[Summary] prospective student accommodation facility comparison

The examination in a land far from home is exam season, many isn’t or.
Peace のぞめる examination, examination for students tried to summarize the recommended accommodation plan and weekly apartments featured.
Plan taken up ahead of time because your reservations soon!

With a prospective student accommodation plan

Normal hotel also, cheap plans and examination before the happy for prospective students

Offers lot of bonus plan.
Perfect access like calm ago well into the exam room accommodation Please try to find!
-It’s Orchid

You can see, each University and college admissions dates.
 = >[I Jalan] students are here icon -Rakuten travel

Advice by graduates who choose hotels or access information can be retrieved. = >[Rakuten travel: hotels and accommodation convenient for exam click here



You can find also sleep in the parent plan 1. >[Rurubu hanging travel] hotel reservation and accommodation convenient for exam, click here

-Japan travel

Accommodation can have lunch on the day of the examination (fees apply), 860 Hotels are listed. >[Japan tour: click here for accommodation of students


You can search from, residents of basic conditions, as well. >[JTB: click here for accommodation of students

 Is the site introduced a cheap room became vacant last minute cancellation.

May find the bargains in the plan? >[YoyaQ.com] hotel related exam click here.

Borrow weekly apartment

Affected period settled some schools, on consecutive nights to hotel instead of Using weekly Mansion is cheaper.
, Leopalace 21
 You can search up to 50% off listing short-term plan. > At the leopalace 21 property search

• Other accommodation plan here

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