For the first time Shogi

You don’t know the rules of chess! Said to introduce the gait of the horse.

Shogi is the play match play depending on the nature of the piece in 9X9 square, stuffing King by tags. Beginners should first beginning to remember the nature of the piece.
May be different-shaped pieces and all step, incense, horse, silver, come, angle, money, King pieces is pieces.
Game-time let’s remember as order placement, has a fixed.
First step can go forward one frame.
Horses can either left or right by one frame with one frame before the oblique advance to total 2 pieces.
Silver, before one frame, and can fall diagonally left one frame and behind the left one frame diagonal. Left slanted back 下がれません money.
Neither exercise otherwise, only one frame. All the King can move only one frame.


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