[Art] the name of Picasso

“Aruju by teasing-Hollywood…” it’s long name of the comic world story.
If I think a big mistake. That great painter Picasso had a very long name.

Formal name Pablo-Diego-José Francisco-de-Paula-fans-Nepomuceno, Maria-de-Ross-Remedios-Crispin-クリスピニァーノ-de-la-サンテシマ-Trinidad-Lewis-Lee-Picasso
Commonly known as the first and the last taking “Pablo Picasso”
But if to give the name of the grandfather and father son in Western countries, was not an unusual thing things become somewhat more long name.
But if this Picasso is unusual, sign writing “Pablo Picasso”. It introduced “Pablo Picasso”. Things wasn’t so much with this name.



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